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Yemen’s Saleh formally steps down after 33 years

By AFP SANAA: Yemen’s Ali Abdullah Saleh stepped down after 33 years at the helm on Tuesday at a ceremony at the presidential palace in Sanaa, formally handing power to his deputy, Abdrabuh Mansur Hadi. “I hand over the banner of the revolution, of the republic, of freedom, of security and of stability… to safe …


Three hugely ambitious men

By Brian O’Neill The Yemen revolution, born in the flush of Arab spring optimism, has descended into a body-strewn battleground pitting three sides that are entirely divorced from the hopes and fears of the protestors on the streets. Increasingly, the voices calling for freedom, democracy and an end to corruption and nepotism have been overshadowed and …


Thousands of Yemeni protesters demand Saleh goes

By Mohammed Ghobari and Mohammed Mukhashaf / Reuters SANAA/ADEN: Tens of thousands of protesters flooded Yemen’s streets on Tuesday, dedicating a fresh “Day of Rage” to the 24 people killed in demonstrations demanding an end to the president’s three-decade rule. President Ali Abdullah Saleh, a US ally against al Qaeda’s Yemen-based wing, has failed to …


Saleh vows to resist Yemen protests

SANAA: Yemen President Ali Abdullah Saleh vowed Sunday to defend his three-decade regime "with every drop of blood", accusing opponents of hijacking gathering protests in a ploy to split the nation. Despite two weeks of escalating protests demanding that he step down, after uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia forced the resignations of Hosni Mubarak and …


Yemen protests threaten Saleh’s grip on power

DUBAI: Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh is resisting popular demands for him to step down now, but will have to make good on promised reforms if he is to stem a nationwide tide of protests in which 12 people have been killed. Saleh, 68, who has ruled his impoverished nation for 32 years, has pledged …


Students protest against regime in Sanaa

SANAA: Hundreds of Yemeni students demonstrated on Sunday outside the Sanaa university campus on the eighth straight day of anti-regime protests in the capital, an AFP correspondent reported. Protesters chanted slogans demanding the ouster of President Ali Abdullah Saleh, in power for 32 years, the correspondent said. Around 100 of Saleh’s supporters held a pro-government …


Yemen protesters flee armed government loyalists

SANAA: Hundreds of Yemen government loyalists wielding batons and daggers chased off a small group of protesters trying to kick off a seventh day of rallies on Wednesday to demand their president end his 32-year rule. Police lost control of the crowd of government loyalists trying to attack around 100 anti-government protesters meeting at Sanaa …


Regime supporters clash with protesters in Yemen

By AFP SANAA: Anti-regime protesters and supporters of Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh armed with daggers clashed in Sanaa on Wednesday, with at least four people wounded, an AFP correspondent reported. Three journalists were also beaten up by Saleh supporters in the clashes near Sanaa University between students demanding the president’s ouster and supporters of …


Thousands rally against government in Yemen

By Ahmed Al-Haj /AP SANAA: Tens of thousands of people called for the Yemeni president’s ouster in protests across the country on Thursday inspired by the popular revolt in Tunisia. The demonstrations led by opposition members and youth activists are a significant expansion of the unrest sparked by the Tunisian uprising, which also inspired Egypt’s …


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