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In Pictures: Turnout threatens to mar Sisi win

AFP – Egypt was wrapping up a presidential election Tuesday with fears of a low turnout threatening to cloud the expected victory of the ex-army chief who toppled its first freely elected leader. As polls opened for the second and final day of voting, authorities announced that they were declaring a public holiday and extending …

Daily News Egypt

Would voting legitimise elections?

By Wael Eskandar It is no longer necessary to wait for the actual voting process to determine whether the upcoming elections will be free and fair. The idea of fair elections has been dispelled by the manner in which the current regime has operated on a variety of issues. While the counting itself may eventually …

Daily News Egypt

A referendum caught between supporters and traitors

By Wael Eskandar A referendum is meant to be a vote by the public whereby they can freely express their position on a certain political matter, but what is the point of a referendum when you’re only allowed to “freely” express one position but not the other? Enough has been said about the referendum to …

Daily News Egypt

Random observations on Egypt’s referendum

On Wednesday, as the polls closed and results started pouring in, a big step in Egypt’s transitional roadmap was concluded. While it was a no brainer that the constitution was going to be overwhelmingly ratified by popular vote, the actual results of the referendum deserve to be analysed carefully, as they do paint a picture of …

Dr Mohamed Fouad


In Pictures: Voting on referendum begins

  Egyptians headed to polling stations early Tuesday morning to cast their votes on the draft constitution finalised on 3 December. Interim Egyptian President Adly Mansour and Defence Minister Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi called upon Egyptians to participate in the much-anticipated referendum earlier this week. The referendum on the draft constitution is part of the roadmap …

Daily News Egypt

Op-ed review: The new constitution

The upcoming referendum on the new constitution has been on the minds of many columnists. Predictably, many columns are concerned with dissecting the new constitution and exploring its pros and cons. The constitution and its political and geographic disasters Mohamed Othman Al-Khesht Al Watan Newspaper Columnist Al-Khesht explores how the political blunders following after 25 …

Thoraia Abou Bakr