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Op-ed review: The future and 11 February 2011

Lifeboats Ezzedine Choukri Fishere Al Masry Al Youm Newspaper “Someone asked me: ‘Should we build a Noah’s arc to take us all to the new state that we want to build?’ I said no. That was a good model in the old age, but now the evil ones will not allow you to build an …

Daily News Egypt

­­Sunday blues

By Philip Whitfield Who? What? When? Where? Why? Frequently we’re asked to explain ourselves. The most asked hereabouts: What will happen on 30 June? It’s promiscuous to flirt with what-ifs. Better to explain why the protest will fizzle out. Sunday is a black day for democracy, rivals aiming to win, not warm. Why climb Mount …

Daily News Egypt

A visionary without a vision

By Robert Mogielnicki On Saturday Mohamed ElBaradei, leader of the National Salvation Front (NSF), called for a boycott of the upcoming Parliamentary elections in Egypt. On Tuesday the boycott became party policy after a meeting of the NSF leadership While the NSF demands the formation of a national unity government and a committee to amend …

Daily News Egypt

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