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Admin court to rehear Samira Ibrahim’s case

By Mai Shams El-Din CAIRO: The Administrative Court will rehear the case brought against Egypt’s military judiciary by activist Samira Ibrahim for referring her to a military trial. The court ordered lawyers representing the military judiciary and those representing Ibrahim to re-present on May 29 their arguments in the trial. Ibrahim, a protester who was subjected …


Rights activists appalled by doctor’s acquittal in virginity tests case

By Safaa Abdoun CAIRO: Egypt’s military court acquitted Sunday army doctor Ahmed Adel, who was charged with conducting forced virginity tests on female protesters detained after a raid on a Tahrir sit-in last year. Samira Ibrahim, 25, one of the activists who were subjected to the virginity tests and filed the landmark case, said on her …


Egypt army court acquits doctor over virginity test

By Reuters CAIRO: A military court acquitted on Sunday an army doctor who was charged with carrying out a forced virginity test on a female detainee during protests last year, a court source said. Samira Ibrahim, an activist, had said she was forced to undergo a test in March. Her case and other similar ones …


Activists testify in virginity tests case, verdict expected March 11

By Mai Shams El-Din CAIRO: A criminal military court on Sunday adjourned to March 11 the trial of a soldier accused of conducting forced virginity checks on female protesters, after listening to four witnesses. Three rights activists and a victim of virginity tests testified in court and also gave video testimonies on Sunday in support of …


Court ends virginity tests procedures in military prisons

CAIRO: The Administrative Court Tuesday banned the practice of virginity tests conducted on women inside military prisons, in a landmark case filed by protester Samira Ibrahim who was subjected to this test in military prison last March. The court obliged the ruling military council to execute the court order. Ibrahim, along with 16 other female …


HRW condemns military’s reluctance to investigate ‘virginity checks’ case

CAIRO: Human Rights Watch condemned Thursday the military’s reluctance to investigate the sexual assault of female protesters and other documented torture cases of more than 170 protesters arrested during a crackdown on Tahrir Square protest last March. “Egypt’s military rulers are trying to cover up one of the most terrible abuses their forces committed this …


Military intelligence head says virginity tests conducted out of self-defense: Amnesty

By Brett Borkan CAIRO: The Egyptian military conducted virginity tests on female protestors in self-defense against potential rape allegations, Major General Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi, head of Egypt’s military intelligence, reportedly told Amnesty International Sunday. According to a press release from Amnesty, Al-Sisi, who is a member of Egypt’s Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF), “said virginity …


Tahrir sit-in attacked; square cleared

By AFP CAIRO: The army broke the sit-in at Tahrir Square Wednesday as attackers armed with knives and machetes waded into hundreds of protesters camping there. An eyewitness told Daily News Egypt that army officers broke the tents while protesters were clashing with the attackers. The officers used force with whoever stood in their way …


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