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Rights activists appalled by doctor’s acquittal in virginity tests case

By Safaa Abdoun CAIRO: Egypt’s military court acquitted Sunday army doctor Ahmed Adel, who was charged with conducting forced virginity tests on female protesters detained after a raid on a Tahrir sit-in last year. Samira Ibrahim, 25, one of the activists who were subjected to the virginity tests and filed the landmark case, said on her …


Egypt army court acquits doctor over virginity test

By Reuters CAIRO: A military court acquitted on Sunday an army doctor who was charged with carrying out a forced virginity test on a female detainee during protests last year, a court source said. Samira Ibrahim, an activist, had said she was forced to undergo a test in March. Her case and other similar ones …


Activists testify in virginity tests case, verdict expected March 11

By Mai Shams El-Din CAIRO: A criminal military court on Sunday adjourned to March 11 the trial of a soldier accused of conducting forced virginity checks on female protesters, after listening to four witnesses. Three rights activists and a victim of virginity tests testified in court and also gave video testimonies on Sunday in support of …


Military court adjourns forced virginity test case to Jan. 15

CAIRO: The military criminal court adjourned on Tuesday the trial of a conscript accused of conducting a forced virginity test on protester Samira Ibrahim to Jan. 15 to give the defendant’s lawyer time to read the case file. Ahmed Adel Mohamed El-Mougy had been referred to the military court for forcibly subjecting Ibrahim and six …


‘Virginity tests’ case against military adjourned to Dec. 27

CAIRO: The State Council on Tuesday adjourned till Dec. 27 a case against the military institution to end the practice of virginity tests. The case was filed by a women who was subjected to a virginity test in military prison last March. The victim, Samira Ibrahim, was arrested by military police during a sit-in in …


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