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Obama’s popularity abroad on the wane, survey finds: Poll

By AFP WASHINGTON: US leadership has lost some of its luster abroad, suggesting President Barack Obama can’t count on as much global euphoria as he gears up for a fierce reelection campaign, a new survey found Thursday. The report card was particularly dire from Serbia and Iran where approval ratings for the White House were …


Foreign policy forgotten

By Christopher R. Hill DENVER: For many foreign audiences, the United States’ primary elections for the 2012 presidential vote — which will, alas, continue to rage into the summer — must be a frightening display of what Americans and their leaders do not know about foreign policy. Debate after debate reveals the fact that none of …


What’s wrong with transformational leadership?

By Joseph Nye CAMBRIDGE: This year’s presidential campaign in the United States has been marked by calls from Barack Obama’s would-be Republican challengers for a radical transformation of American foreign policy. Campaigns are always more extreme than the eventual reality, but countries should be wary of calls for transformational change. Things do not always work out …


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