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When the bankrupt are pushed to pay

By Mohammed Ali Ibrahim Once upon a time I wrote in Algoumhoria newspaper that we don’t need another Mahathir Mohammad here to score an economic miracle like that of Malaysia. Rather we need the Malaysian people who achieved that leap into the future. The occasion of the aforementioned article was the visit of the Malaysian prime minister …

Daily News Egypt

Cabinet approves draft law to replace university heads as sit-in continues

By Heba Fahmy CAIRO: Egypt’s Cabinet approved Sunday a draft law that would end the tenure of leadership figures at universities starting August, following nationwide on-campus sit-ins held by professors demanding that university presidents and faculty deans appointed by the former regime be sacked. Incumbent presidents and deans are to continue in their posts until …


University professors to hold an open sit-in starting July 3

By Heba Fahmy CAIRO: A coalition of faculty members at Egyptian public universities decided Monday to hold a nation-wide on-campus open sit-in starting July 3, to push for the resignation of interim Minister of Higher Education, Amr Salama, for ignoring the coalitions’ demands. The demands include the resignation of university presidents and faculty deans who were …


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