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Detained university professor on hunger strike, 123 remanded in custody, one dead

CAIRO: University professor Hend Nafie, a protester who was detained during the deadly clashes with army forces near Cabinet last week, went on hunger strike in protest at her maltreatment in Sayed Galal hospital, where she is being handcuffed to the bed. Nafie was arrested during the clashes and was missing for a couple of …


University professors to hold an open sit-in starting July 3

By Heba Fahmy CAIRO: A coalition of faculty members at Egyptian public universities decided Monday to hold a nation-wide on-campus open sit-in starting July 3, to push for the resignation of interim Minister of Higher Education, Amr Salama, for ignoring the coalitions’ demands. The demands include the resignation of university presidents and faculty deans who were …


Ain Shams students prevented from sitting mid-year exams for distributing flyers

By Heba Fahmy CAIRO: Two Ain Shams University law students were prevented from taking their second mid-year exam on Sunday — despite having obtained a court order permitting them to complete the exams — as a penalty for distributing flyers on campus that called for political change and reform. “We will file lawsuits calling for …


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