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Polish apples feel the crunch

Not long ago, Poland was the largest apple exporter in Europe. But since the 2014 retaliatory embargo imposed on some Polish foodstuffs by Russia, exports have plummeted, as Jo Harper reports from Warsaw.

Deutsche Welle

The ‘New World Order’ and the current super-power states

By Sayed Ghoneim The 20th century began with powers scattered between East and West. By the end of World War II and the victory of Western allies and the Soviet Union over the Axis forces, the world became bipolar, divided between the United States and the Soviet Union. Between the two forces, the so-called Cold War …

Daily News Egypt

Iran invited to Syria talks

Washington has said that an invitation will be sent to Tehran for upcoming talks on political transition in Syria. Defense Secretary Carter also spoke of US plans to ramp-up its military campaign in Syria

Deutsche Welle