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Nightmare scenario: change in Syria may be detrimental to Iraq

By Hamid Alkifaey Syria and Iraq have been at odds for the last 50 years. Since the early 1960s, both countries have been ruled by two rival wings of the Baath Party. Both wings seized power in their respective countries via a military coup. This inter-party rivalry caused the two countries to be at each other’s …


Iraq and the unpredictable Syrian trajectory

By Safa A. Hussein Iraqis celebrated the “Arab spring” that changed the regimes of Tunisia, Egypt and Yemen. But they are divided about the protests and uprisings in Bahrain and Syria. On the surface, it seems that this is merely a reflection of the sectarian divide in Iraq’s society and politics, or of external influence on …


Iraq Sunni tribes warn against arming Syrian opposition

By Yara Bayoumy / Reuters COOLIE CAMP: When they see the plight of their Syrian kinsmen across the border, the Sunni tribesmen of western Iraq understand their rage. But with their own experience of civil war still fresh, they want to stop arms from feeding the conflict next door. Just a few years ago, this part …


Saudi pushes Iraq ties in anti-Assad move: experts

By Prashant Rao / AFP BAGHDAD: Saudi Arabia’s push to improve ties with Iraq is part of a drive to convince it to abandon the Syrian president, despite the strong influence in Baghdad of Riyadh’s foe Tehran, experts say. In a marked warming, Riyadh has named a non-resident envoy to Iraq and Baghdad sent a security …


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