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Reflections of history on the Suez Canal

“The tour boat passes a mosaic depicting the glorious triumph of the Egyptian people in re-capturing Sinai… The soldiers look upwards and onwards, towards progress and towards the future”

Emir Nader

The Suez Canal: Strong international competition to other waterways

Over the past 10 years, the Suez Canal has taken a large portion of the vessels crossing the Panama Canal through the maritime route between Asia and the eastern coast of the US. Despite the shortness of the route through Panama, shipping companies prefer the Suez Canal due to its larger capacity, the economic consultant …

Rana Yehia

On the verge of a new war

The poor, Mr. President, have waited a long for someone to perceive them with sympathy, and to pull them up above the poverty line, so are you up for this?

Emad El-Sayed