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Suez national museum open to public on 24 October

Suez is a  marginalised city, even by Egyptian standards. While it is no secret that most of the nation’s funds go to our major two cities, Cairo and Alexandria, any resident of Suez will tell you that the city was, more than any other, neglected by Mubarak . In fact, it is widely known that Suez …

Daily News Egypt

Suez Canal rises 3.5 pct in year to March

By Reuters CAIRO: Monthly revenue from Egypt’s Suez Canal rose 3.5 percent in the year to March to $428 million, the Egypt Information Portal website showed on Monday. The canal’s revenue in March 2011 was $413.5 million. Revenue rose 12.2 percent month-on-month from $381.4 million in February 2012. The waterway is a vital source of …


Tugboat explosion kills three in Egypt’s Suez

By AFP CAIRO: Three people were killed and a dozen others injured when a tugboat engine exploded in Egypt’s Suez Canal on Monday, security officials said. Movement in the vital waterway that links the Mediterranean to the Red Sea was not affected, the officials said. The engine of the tugboat exploded during maintenance work, setting …


Two detained over alleged Suez Canal attack plot

By Yusri Mohamed /Reuters ISMAILIA: Egypt has detained two men as it investigates allegations that they plotted to attack a foreign ship as it passed through the Suez Canal, the state news agency MENA reported on Wednesday, citing a security source. A resident of the canal-side city of Ismailia, whose name was given as Soliman Abdel …


Egypt’s Suez Canal sees record revenue since new toll

By Reem Abdellatif CAIRO: Egypt’s Suez Canal posted a single day revenue of LE 117 million ($19.4 million) on Wednesday, according to head of the canal authority. These were the highest recorded revenues since the authority increased toll fees by 3 percent this year, after keeping them the same for three years. About 61 vessels from …


Israeli warships pass through Suez canal

By AFP JERUSALEM: Two Israeli naval vessels passed through Egypt’s Suez Canal on Tuesday, headed from the Mediterranean to the Red Sea, Israeli and Egyptian sources said. “It was routine, they were on their way to Eilat” where Israel has its Red Sea naval base, an Israeli security source told AFP on condition of anonymity. …


Shutting down Suez Canal would be a serious economic threat, say experts

CAIRO: Fear that protesters in Suez will disrupt the flow of maritime traffic in the Suez Canal were dispelled Sunday by director of the Suez Canal Authority Ahmed Al Manakhly in a phone in to a state TV program, when he said that despite demonstrations and sit-ins, traffic in the waterway is moving regularly, …


Egypt army stops protesters entering Suez Canal office

By Reuters ISMAILIA: Egyptian troops fired shots in the air on Saturday to prevent hundreds of protesting employees of Egypt’s Suez Canal Authority from storming into its office in Ismailia, witnesses said. Many employees at canal authority offices in the cities of Ismailia, Suez and Port Said have been staging protests for five days asking …


Suez Canal workers stage protest over pay

CAIRO: At least 1,500 workers from the Suez Canal Authority protested Thursday in three Egyptian cities alongside the strategic waterway, demanding better pay and working conditions. The workers, however, vowed their protest would not disrupt traffic through the waterway. The workers, mainly administrative and technical employees with the canal authority, said they were not receiving …


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