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Czech tour guide released after two-hour abduction

By Yehia Zakareya SOUTH SINAI: Police, army forces and Bedouin tribal leaders secured the release, of a Czech tour guide two hours after her abduction by four masked men in South Sinai, a security official said. Head of the Criminal Investigation Department General Gamal Abdel Bary said the men wanted to pressure security forces to release …


Kidnappers free 2 Brazilian women in Sinai

By Ashraf Sweilam / AP AL-ARISH: Armed tribesmen freed two Brazilian women and an Egyptian police officer who was with them late Sunday, hours after abducting them in the Sinai desert, a security official said. The head of security in Egypt’s south Sinai, Mahmoud Hefnawi, said the two tourists and the police officer were released unharmed. …


Two Brazilian tourists kidnapped in Egypt’s Sinai

By Reuters ISMAILIA: Gunmen kidnapped two Brazilian tourists travelling through Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula on Sunday after a visit to an isolated mountain monastery, security sources said. The gunmen were believed to be Bedouin who wanted hostages to negotiate the release of prisoners held by the government, the sources said. They stopped a bus carrying a group …


Tribesmen release Korean tourists in Sinai

AL-ARISH: Three South Korean women were freed on Saturday a day after they were kidnapped by armed tribesmen in Egypt’s Sinai peninsula when clan elders negotiated their release, a security official said. The head of security in South Sinai Maj. Gen. Mohamed Naguib said that the three women and their Egyptian tour guide were kidnapped …


Egyptian security: 3 Koreans kidnapped in Sinai

AL-ARISH: Egypt’s security chief for the Sinai peninsula says armed tribesmen have kidnapped three Korean tourists and their Egyptian guide. Maj. Gen. Mohamed Nagib says the tribesmen stopped a tourist bus and took the four, leaving a number of other tourists behind. The kidnapping Friday was the latest in a string this month. Tribesmen often …


Tribesman kidnap 18 Egyptian border guards

EL-ARISH: Security officials say tribesmen have kidnapped 18 Egyptian border guards along the border with Israel in retaliation for the killing of one of their members. The officials said the Bedouin tribesmen snatched the guards Thursday from positions along the border. Some of the guards were in vehicles patrolling the Egypt-Israel border in the Sinai …


US women call Egypt captors ‘kind’

CAIRO: Their kidnappers gave them tea and dried fruit, and talked about religion and tribal rights. The California women were allowed to bring their Egyptian tour guide with them. One even put out his cigarette in the car when a hostage said the smoke was bothering her. The women abducted for several hours Friday by …


US tourists, guide freed after brief Egypt abduction

CAIRO: Two American women and their Egyptian tour guide, who were captured by armed Bedouins in the Sinai Peninsula on Friday, were released unharmed after several hours, security officials said. The three arrived back at their hotel in the Red Sea resort of Sharm El-Sheikh, where they were met by South Sinai’s governor and security …


Gunmen kidnap two US tourists in Sinai

CAIRO: Gunmen in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula kidnapped two American women on Friday in an apparent attempt to hold them for ransom, security sources said. Security in the isolated desert region has deteriorated since the overthrow of President Hosni Mubarak in a popular uprising last February. South Sinai’s Red Sea coast is a major tourism hub …


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