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Dr. H.A. Hellyer


Things in Egypt are moving quite quickly. It has gotten to the point where if one stops keeping up to date for an hour, one finds that a fundamental shift has just taken place – again. With that in mind, I am keenly aware that in the space of time it takes for me to …

Dr H.A. Hellyer

All the roads lead to this

Egypt is on the brink, and everyone’s nerves are frazzled. Everyone is both optimistic, and yet terrified about the outcome of 30 June. Given that this is a day of an unlikely alliance between the social conservatives (old regime supporters), the revolutionaries and the independents, anything could happen. While one is operating on very limited …

Mahmoud Salem

How will the Muslim Brotherhood react to 30 June’s “Tamarod?”

By Yasmin Hashim The science of politics is all about setting expectations; political scientists call it “political forecast.” This forecast is based on variables such as history, the norm, general pattern, contemporary comparison, and group interest. An in-depth study of the Muslim Brotherhood from within, its history, personnel, and group interests, allows us to deduce …

Daily News Egypt

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