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Egypt’s biggest oil debts

By Farah Halime, Rebel Economy   Egypt’s state oil company, the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation, is in big trouble.  It has racked up billions of dollars of debt in the last decade with some estimating its dues to banks and oil companies is as high as $20 billion. The magnitude of EGPC’s debts is such …

Daily News Egypt

The Egyptian Teddy Bear!

It irks me so much how some of us Egyptians are sometimes very casual in the ways we infringe on other people’s feelings while becoming overly sensitive when it comes back to haunt us. It is what we call Karma. You get what you give, whether bad or good. However, we seem to think of …

Dr Mohamed Fouad

Football emerges as focal point of dissent in Saudi Arabia

  By James M. Dorsey Football, alongside minority Shi’a Muslims and relatives of imprisoned government critics, is emerging as a focal point of dissent in Saudi Arabia, an oil-rich kingdom that, despite banning demonstrations by law, is struggling to fend off the waves of change sweeping the Middle East and North Africa. Fan pressure is …

Daily News Egypt

Penalty spot

By Philip Whitfield Why’s Morsi picking up tips from Jose Mourinho? They’re both hoping for a second chance: Mourinho to Chelsea, Morsi to the palace after Ramadan. Both need to turn things round: Mourinho to keep John Terry and Frank Lampard happy, Morsi to woo the crowd to his side. On his left, Iran’s Mahmoud …

Daily News Egypt

Football fans in the Gulf vote with their feet

By James M. Dorsey Football is defeating efforts by wealthy Gulf States to impregnate themselves against the wave of protests that have swept the Middle East and North Africa in the past two years and sparked a brutal civil war in Syria. Once a prince’s uncontested playing ground that allowed royals to curry favour, strengthen …

Daily News Egypt

Rat race in the desert, should Egypt be running?

By: Rasheed Hammouda As the Gulf’s major players compete to be crowned the region’s finance king, Egypt may end up benefitting from being left out of the race entirely The race to be MENA’s top financial hub has been heating up over the past few years, a race that Cairo has been noticeably absent from. …

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