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The Middle East and North Africa: Adapting to a new paradigm

By James M. Dorsey The military strategies of the United States and its regional allies focused on bombing campaigns, support for local militias, and inherently weak military forces to fight potential ground battles, have failed to defeat rebel forces in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Libya. Calls for the introduction of ground forces against Islamic State …

Daily News Egypt

Druze mount next flashpoint in Syrian conflict: Implications for Israel

By James M. Dorsey Syrian Druze have become the next potential flashpoint in a proxy war between Saudi Arabia, Iran and Israel that is exacerbating the Middle East’s multiple conflicts. With rebel forces advancing towards the mountainous Druze stronghold in north-western Syria, this month’s killing by Jabhat Al-Nusra jihadists of 23 members of a Druze …

Daily News Egypt

Yemen: In the name of Restoring ‘Hope’

By Waleed R. Derhem It has been a month into the beginning of the Saudi-led military intervention in Yemen, and yet the battle on the ground is not over. The coalition claims a win in achieving the objectives and goals by announcing a glorious end to “Decisive Storm” and the beginning of the second stage of …

Daily News Egypt