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Rouhani Iran rejects threats, cites red lines in nuclear talks

Diplomats said the main stumbling blocks included the status of Iran’s Arak heavy-water reactor of potential use in making bomb-grade plutonium, the fate of Iran’s stockpile of higher-enriched uranium – both acute issues for France – and the extent of relief from trade sanctions demanded by Tehran.

Daily News Egypt

Rowhani talks tough on Iran nuclear rights

Soon after his election as president in June, Rowhani said he wanted “serious” talks with world powers to resolve Western suspicions that Iran’s nuclear drive is cover to build a bomb despite repeated denials by Tehran.

Daily News Egypt

Iran’s election augurs a better future

By Cesar Chelala Hassan Rowhani’s election as the new Iranian president bodes well not only for that country but for the world as well, tired of the senseless rhetoric of the former president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. When, at a campaign speech, Mr Rowhani stated, “We have no option other than moderation,” he was also defining what …

Daily News Egypt

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