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Demographics, war for resources and state-directed capitalism

By Ron McMillan and Graham Hayward The future of the banking industry remains uncertain, but there are a number of long-term catalysts such as the expected demographic shift and the rise of state-directed capitalism that will further shape the global financial sector. This is the fourth installment in a series of articles by PricewaterhouseCoopers, the leading …


Precision over ubiquity: A new reality for tomorrow’s banks

By Ron McMillan As the global financial sector is undergoing dramatic changes, the banks of tomorrow will have to adopt a new mantra: precision over ubiquity. Before the onset of the financial crisis, most banks believed the best strategy was to be a ubiquitous player in the market. Banking giants such as Citi and HSBC were …


The future of banking: Towards a new world order?

By Ron McMillan Today the environment in which bankers have spent most, if not all, of their careers has changed dramatically. The impact of the global financial crisis on the banking sector is still being examined against a background of weaker economic growth in the west combined with the rise of emerging market powerhouses such …


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