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37% of shoppers use smartphone apps to buy goods during Ramadan 

A report issued by Payfort expected that Egyptians will spend over 50% of their financial income on services and household goods during Ramadan. According to the report, during the month of Ramadan sales via the internet increase, before they decline during the Eid al-Fitr period. According to the indicators of the report, the percentage of …

Daily News Egypt

Automotive companies offer no price cuts in Ramadan

For the first time in years, car companies have not offered price cuts on their products during the holy month of Ramadan. Most car models’ prices remained unchanged, except Nissan, Hyundai, Chery, and Ford. Auto companies expect that the sector’s sales will fall due to the Central Bank of Egypt’s (CBE) decision to raise the …

Ahmed Amer

Fel La La Land: when comedians use disgraceful stereotypes for fun 

A few years ago, a group of novice theatrical artists were introduced to the Egyptian audience by the leading comedian Ashraf Abdel Baky in a number of short plays that were aired on one of the popular TV channels with high viewership rates. Although such experience that carried the name of “Tiatro Masr” was successful …

Rana Khaled

Ramadan’s charity campaigns spotlights heroes and optimism 

With people spending hours of their days watching Ramadan’s TV series, they are being subjected to many commercials, which have turned into as important a part of Ramadan routine as the food and family gatherings. For years, Ramadan has been the perfect chance for non-profit organisations to promote their charity work in order to ask …

Nada Deyaa’

Ghada Abdel Razik accused of ruining flight attendants’ reputation 

For years, superstar Ghada Abdel Razik and her Ramadan series have been grabbing the attention of many viewers, with the actress’ unexpected roles besides the creativity of the script and the interesting plot—something that might change this year with her latest series “Ard Gaw” (Ground to Air), directed by Mohammed Gomaa. The first episode of …

Rana Khaled

Ramadan 2017: action and comedy series dominate the scene

From one year to another, millions of Egyptian Muslims wait for Ramadan, the holy month, which is always connected to spirituality, prayers, and other religious rituals. Al mesharati (the drummer) roams the streets, beating his drums to wake people up to have their sohour, and shops cover their entrances with coloured lanterns with the aim …

Rana Khaled


Muslims spend ’Laylet al-Qadr’ seeking mercy and forgiveness

This year, Ramadan’s last Friday was the 27th day of the holy month, what is known as Leylet al-Qadr (the night of power). In Islam, Laylet al-Qadr is the night the Quran was first revealed to the Prophet Muhammad. According to the Quran, that night is the greatest night of the year and any adoration …

Daily News Egypt

Grand Hotel: a journey through time

One of the most talked about drama series this Ramadan is Grand Hotel, a show based on a Spanish series bearing the same name. Taking place in the 1950s, the show follows the story of Ali and his quest to solve the mystery of his missing sister who worked at the notorious Grand Hotel in …

Ahmed El Goarany

Evil wins the competition in Ramadan drama this year

This Ramadan, the drama competition has tipped the balance. It witnessed a rebirth of some experienced and young actors, and frustration with others who failed to impress their audience with a new story or performance this year. Yousra is one of the actresses who has enjoyed the spotlight this Ramadan, thanks to her outstanding talent …

Rana Khaled