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Public transport workers take strike to parliament

By Heba Fahmy CAIRO: Public transport workers moved an open strike to parliament on Wednesday, reiterating their demand to include the Public Transportation Authority (PTA) under the Ministry of Transport like other train and metro workers. The workers accused the PTA of ripping them off and violating their rights, facilitated by the lack of direct supervision …


Public transport workers resume full strike, to escalate to parliament

By Mennatallah Youssef and Mai Shams El-Din CAIRO: Public transport workers resumed a strike suspended months ago in the authority’s 24 garages across Cairo and Giza, with plans to move their strike to parliament this Wednesday if their demands are not addressed by the government. The Public Transportation Authority (PTA) declined to meet the demands in …


Transport workers suspend strike until Oct. 10

CAIRO: Public Transportation Authority (PTA) workers temporarily suspended their strike Tuesday, as some of the workers continued negotiating with the PTA over their demands. About 25 of the lines in Greater Cairo and its suburbs went back to work according to drivers. In a meeting Tuesday with the head of the PTA Mona Mostafa, aiming …


Transport workers announce open sit-in near Cabinet

CAIRO: Despite news that a settlement has been reached, around 3,000 Public Transport Authority (PTA) workers started an open-ended sit-in outside Cabinet building until their demands are met, following a 10-day strike that halted the transportation system. Their announcement came days after the Independent Union for Public Transportation Workers suspended a nationwide strike until Oct. …


Transport Union suspends strike after meeting manpower minister

CAIRO: The Independent Union for Public Transportation Workers suspended on Tuesday a week-long, nationwide strike following a meeting with Ministry of Manpower. It wasn’t immediately clear what both sides had agreed on, but another meeting was scheduled for Oct. 10 to discuss further demands. The strike is suspended pending the results of Tuesday’s and Oct. …


Transport workers continue open-ended strike

CAIRO: Thousands of public transportation workers continued an open-ended strike in Cairo on Thursday, protesting against alleged corruption and demanding better wages. The striking workers drove their buses in a long convoy to the Public Transport Association (PTA) headquarters in Nasr City. They chanted slogans demanding equality and a 200 percent raise. They also demanded …


Public transport workers expand Cairo strike

CAIRO: Public transport workers and drivers in Greater Cairo went on a partial strike Wednesday demanding better pay, working conditions and buses after they failed to reach an agreement through negotiations with the Public Transportation Authority (PTA). The strike began three days ago in the Mazalat Garage, but spread Wednesday morning to Nasr City, El …


Public transport workers call off planned strike following concessions

CAIRO: Public Transportation Authority workers and drivers called off a strike planned for Sunday following concessions by the authority’s management. Mona Mostafa, head of the authority, issued a decree Saturday stating that the authority will pay the incentives and that the Central Agency for Management and Administration approved the decision. She also suspended the authority’s …


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