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What happened on 30 June?

I would have liked to answer the question: “where is Egypt going after 30 June?” but I discovered that I have to first explain what happened on 30 June. We have to put aside what is being said about a military coup, since facts confirm the size of public participation on 30 June. The second …

Farid Zahran

Political change in Egypt: A chance for the people, but also for wildlife

By Bradnee Chambers  Political instability brings economic hardship, social upheaval and human suffering in its wake, with sometimes devastating impacts on the environment.  The excessive trapping of migratory birds is an example of history repeating itself as political instability leads to increased damage to nature. Collaborative and workable solutions are needed. Nets to catch birds …

Daily News Egypt

The ballot box and the banks

In the wake of the contentious ousting, debate over the nature of what has past must come to an end in time to move successfully into the future. In the meantime, the west waffles over Egypt while the Gulf has wasted no time making its position clear.

Rasheed Hammouda

The Cabinet dilemma

The newly appointed Egyptian prime minister is currently undergoing the most difficult part of his job: forming the Cabinet. Hazem El-Beblawi was not the choice of the Egyptian youth. Close to 77 years old, he is far from the young visionary or the “revolutionary” that the predominantly youthful nation yearned for. When state-owned agencies broke …

Sara Abou Bakr


By Dr Mohamed Fouad The following is not for the faint hearted, the revolutionary buffs, the hopeless romantics and the easily agitated ones. You need to “marinate” on these thoughts a bit in order for them to sink in, or not. During the famed 18 days in 2011, I sat with a tenured and experienced …

Dr Mohamed Fouad

UEFA decision highlights murky Turkish football politics

By James M. Dorsey A decision by European football body UEFA to ban two top Turkish clubs from competing in European championships for match-fixing has highlighted potentially murky politics underlying the worst scandal in Turkish sporting history. The decision in response to the Turkish Football Federation’s failure to impose penalties and in advance of an …

Daily News Egypt

New SCAF v Old Islamists

By Nervana Mahmoud It’s hard to absorb all of the events that took place last week in Egypt. Many details have yet to be digested. What is certain, though, is that this was the year’s most crucial week, with far-reaching ramifications. Thus far, we only have disputed assessments from inside and outside of Egypt. Last …

Daily News Egypt

Maher Hamoud

Editor’s letter: Brothers and generals; the end of coexistence

Almost a year ago, in an article called Brothers and generals, a phase of coexistence, I argued that the dramatic decision by ousted president Mohamed Morsi to “sack” Field Marshal Mohamed Tantawi and his deputy General Sami Anan was actually a subtle internal military coup made with the blessing of the Muslim Brotherhood. I believed, …

Maher Hamoud

Does the United States not know what’s happening in Egypt?

In the loud conversations that occurred before and after the removal of Morsi, some stressed the importance of explaining the truth about what is going on in Egypt to political and media circles in the west. The conversations were directed specifically to the United States, on the basis that the information reaching those circles is …

Farid Zahran

Managing editor Rana Allam

The media talks to ghosts

On Thursday 4 July, state owned news agency MENA and several international agencies, reported that the Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, Mohamed Badie, was arrested along with his deputy Khairat El-Shater.  We published the news. On Friday 5 July, Badie was giving a speech from the Rabaa Al-Adaweya sit-in where thousands of his supporters …

Rana Allam

Two sides, same state

On Sunday, thousands took to the streets to reaffirm the strength of public legitimacy, peacefully marching from all squares across the capital towards Tahrir Square, the presidential palace and Al-Qubba Palace. The Tamarod campaign, which has been organising the marches, suddenly removed a couple of marches from the liston Saturday night, mainly those from middle …

Thoraia Abou Bakr

Op-ed review: State militarisation and revolution mistakes

Fahmy Howeidy Between militarisation and civil war Al-Shorouk newspaper Columnist Fahmy Howeidy writes on the events that took place on the morning of Monday 8 July. He begins by saying that he considered the two main challenges of Mohamed Morsi’s ousted government were the stabilisation of security and reviving the economy. “However, after the coup …

Thoraia Abou Bakr

Split second

By Philip Whitfield Was it a coup d’etat, half a coup, coup-lite or just plain old martial law? The top brass gave Morsi just enough rope to hang himself to execute their mission: divide and rule. Not so fast, say some. It’s our revolution, not theirs. If you want to pray the worldwide court of …

Daily News Egypt

The future of Islamism- part two: Where does Islamism go from here?

By Nicholas Gjorvad Today’s article explores the issues which face Islamists going forward.  As part one pointed out, the setbacks that Islamist parties in the Middle East have recently experienced can largely be attributed to the instances of over-ambitious and unilateral moves of Islamist leaders in power.  In light of the pushback from opposition groups, …

Daily News Egypt