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On hype and hypocrisy

By Mohamed Selim The first step that any country on the verge of collapse should do, is to empower its institutions, including its fourth estate without which, all efforts to garner the public’s confidence would be an exercise in futility. A few weeks ago, Egypt’s newly appointed interim Prime Minister Ibrahim Mehleb, maintained the mandate …

Daily News Egypt

Student Corner: The underlying tension between Egypt and Israel

By Nour Bakr The shooting down of an Egyptian military helicopter earlier this year prompted new fears over the security threat posed to both Egypt and Israel by militant groups with access to MANPADs. But whilst bilateral cooperation has remained strong, Egypt’s tumultuous domestic situation is fuelling Israeli security concerns; leading to an underlying tension …

Daily News Egypt

What are the justifications for Al-Sisi’s nomination? Part two: The hegemonic state supporters

According to my analysis, highlighted in previous articles, the state includes three major groups, specifically, the police state supporters, the benevolent dictator supporter and those who support administrative reform. What bring the three groups together are their great faith in oppression and their unlimited confidence in the power and ability of the state. In addition, …

Farid Zahran

Syrian children bear the brunt of brutal war

By Dr Cesar Chelala One of the saddest things in the world today, ravaged by brutal wars, is a child, looking nowhere, as if asking the viewer, “Why are you doing this to us? We are only children.” This thought came to my mind as I read a report of the effects of the Syrian …

Daily News Egypt

An unnecessary, yet much needed explanation

Dear Mahmoud, I have been following your writings, and I must say that I’ve been a bit disappointed by the shift in your views lately. While you were a big supporter of 30 June and the end of the unfortunate episode of Egyptian history called “The Morsi Presidency”, it seems that you have started to …

Mahmoud Salem

Who needs a constitution?

It’s a running joke in the political circuits in developing countries: “Who needs a constitution over here?” Currently in Egypt, the joke has turned sour. Three years, six cabinets (not counting the reshuffles), two Constituent Assemblies and two constitutions after the 25 January Revolution, Egypt remains a country not bothered by its own governing laws. …

Sara Abou Bakr

Islam and politics can’t go together

By Moha Ennaji The last three or so decades have seen a spectacular rise of what came to be called “political Islam”: a complex but real category in political and social sciences. Whether espoused or shunned, political Islam has created a genuine debate. However, the recent events in Egypt and Tunisia threw serious doubt on …

Daily News Egypt

The Ukrainian struggle is right

By Dr James Zogby The Ukrainian struggle for independence speaks to me on so many levels. Because I know the history of the Ukraine, I understand their resentment and fear of their often domineering Russian neighbour. I also understand their deep attachment to their land, their culture, and the story of their people. Ukrainians have …

Daily News Egypt

Dr. H.A. Hellyer

Ukraine is Egypt – well, not really

Egyptians know now what it was like to watch the Tahrir Square uprising in 2011 from outside of the country – because the same kind of media attention was recently projected on Ukraine. This country, which hasn’t been the subject of monthly breaking news for a while – let alone daily breaking news – has …

Dr H.A. Hellyer

No need yet to send troops to Ukraine: Putin

AFP – Russia has no need yet to send troops into Ukraine but reserves the right to use “all means” to protect citizens should the necessity arise, President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday. “We reserve the right to use all means to protect” Russian and Ukrainian citizens in Ukraine, Putin said in comments live on state television, …

Daily News Egypt

Managing editor Rana Allam

The future of the two little girls

A couple of weeks ago, on my road back home using 6 October Bridge, I managed to avoid hitting two young girls – girls so little as to be invisible unless right in front of the car. For a full week, I saw them selling tissues in the same spot, and every day I could …

Rana Allam

Your Weekly News

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to this week’s news from the fair land of Egypt, the place so magical that the state’s institutions spend all of their effort in putting a smile and a chuckle on its citizens’ faces. We start our broadcast with the latest update regarding the military’s miracle cure, the CCD, by General …

Mahmoud Salem

Egypt’s new buffer government

The culture of rumours and speculations in Egypt can tempt us to abandon our logical thinking. Take, for example, the resignation of Beblawi’s government—this was a move that took many by surprise, but it shouldn’t have. The government resignation was inevitable; the timing may be intriguing, but the decision was not. Clarity and transparency are …

Nervana Mahmoud

Mission impossible

Following the abrupt resignation of Prime Minister Hazem El-Beblawi’s government, Egypt’s newly appointed Prime Minister Ibrahim Mehleb is tasked with what seems to be a mission impossible. The new PM indeed faces several humbling challenges on various fronts but despite his good intentions and flowery promises, he is as likely to flop. However, to define …

Dr Mohamed Fouad

Student Corner: Soldiers versus Workers

By Taher El Moataz Bellah Milko Milkonian, an American electrical engineer, was an active member of the Democratic Movement for National Liberation (DMNL), the most cohesive and largest communist group of Egypt’s surging, yet highly divided leftist movement. For two years from 1950 to 1952, his mission was to deliver parcels from communist affiliated print …

Daily News Egypt


Stand alone: Yarmouk Camp humanitarian disaster

It is impossible not to be touched by the apocalyptic scenes emerging from the Palestinian refugee camp of Yarmouk in Damascus, besieged and cut off for months. The images are at once epic and personal. Row upon row of gaunt faces, serried ranks of grimy, raged figures; the delicate, hunger-ravaged features of children waiting in …

Daily News Egypt

Egypt sentences 26 to death over ‘terror group’: judicial sources

AFP – An Egyptian criminal court on Wednesday sentenced 26 people to death for founding and leading a “terror group” that aimed to target ships in the Suez canal, judicial sources said. The court referred the verdict to the mufti, a top Islamic official who under Egyptian law has to validate the sentence, and set March 19 for …

Daily News Egypt

The cabinet’s resignation: A step in which direction?

A few hours before starting to write this article, Prime Minister Hazem El-Beblawi’s cabinet resigned. This was expected even if the government was pushed into the resignation. However, El-Beblawi’s — even if it was delayed — was a much better option than being dismissed from his position. It is believed that the cabinet’s resignation and …

Farid Zahran