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Let’s not fool ourselves – The roots of terrorism extend beyond Islam

By Mohammed Nosseir After committing their deadly crimes, terrorists often leave a message that Islam or the Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) is the motive behind their crimes. Scholars logically follow this lead, digging deeper into the Quran in an attempt to solve the puzzle of Islam to determine what motivates Muslims to kill innocent people, and …

Daily News Egypt

What are the ingredients and background of the Salafi movement in Egypt?

In the previous article, I covered the first segment of the Islamist movements in Egypt, which was the political Islamist parties, and it centred on the Muslim Brotherhood. Now, I will go into detail regarding the second segment, the religion-based Islamist parties. The religion-based Islamist parties are what we call Salafis. We call them the …

Farid Zahran

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