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The end of history comes to Tunisia

By Pierre Buhler PARIS: Tunisia’s “Jasmine Revolution” is still unfolding, but we can already read into it lessons about democracy and democratization that extend far beyond the Maghreb. To set the Jasmine Revolution in historical perspective, we must recall June 4, 1989 – that pivotal Sunday when the Poles voted the communists out of power …


WikiLeaky power

By Pierre Buhler PARIS: Beyond the headlines, the embarrassment of governments, and the blow dealt to the secrecy of diplomatic correspondence, WikiLeaks’ exposure of US diplomatic cables offers a raw illustration of how deeply the essence of power has been altered in our information age. Since its inception, the state has been the main vessel …


The weary titan

By Pierre Buhler PARIS: The unfolding “currency war,” which is likely to dominate discussions at the upcoming G-20 summit in Seoul, must be assessed against the backdrop of the new landscape of power — a landscape that has been transformed, in just two years, by the first crisis of the globalized economy. The economic consequences of …


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