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Parliament amends disputed article in press, media law

In response to remarks of the State Council and Press Syndicate, Egypt’s Parliament, headed by Speaker Ali Abdul Aal, approved some amendments to the press and media law, during a plenary session on Sunday. Several articles of those that have caused controversy were amended, during the discussion, as well as adding new articles to the …

Sarah El-Sheikh

Parliament to discuss law allowing preachers to issue fatwas

Parliament is currently gearing to vote on a law granting preachers affiliated with the Ministry of the Religious Endowments the right to issue fatwas (religious edicts), a step that angered several top religious institutions affiliated with Al-Azhar and Dar Al-Ifta. The law has caused controversy among preachers in the country’s religious institutions. The law is …

Daily News Egypt

Parliament approves EGP 70.3bn additional allocations for current FY budget

The Egyptian Parliament approved on Sunday the draft law submitted by the government for additional allocations worth EGP 70.3bn for the current fiscal year (FY) 2017/2018. The bill stipulates that these additional allocations will be distributed as a EGP 57bn increase in the interest section of the state budget to meet the increase in the …

Nihal Samir

Parliament to discuss three draft laws to regulate media, press bodies

The Egyptian Parliament, headed by Speaker Ali Abdel Aal, is to discuss on Sunday three new draft laws submitted by the cabinet to regulate Egypt’s Supreme Council for Media Regulation, the National Media Authority, and the National Press Authority. Parliament will discuss a separate law for each body, instead of one law regulating the work …

Daily News Egypt

Parliament approves cybercrimes law

A plenary session of parliament, chaired by Speaker Ali Abdel Aal, approved the cybercrimes law on Tuesday. Parliament rejected a proposal to amend the second and 24th article during the discussion. After the debate, Abdel Aal announced a final vote on the bill, after which he announced the house’s approval, with a single rejection. The …

Daily News Egypt

Parliament approves FY 2018/2019 budget

The Egyptian Parliament approved on Tuesday the fiscal year 2017/2018 general budget with a total expenditure of up to EGP 1.4tn and expected revenues of EGP 938bn. The budget deficit reached 8.4%, while the growth rate stood at 5.8%, driven by new employment opportunities provided by private sector investments, amounting to about 850,000 jobs. MP …