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Is tourism in crisis?

The terrorist attacks in Paris and the Sinai airplane crash affect everyone – tourism as well. Do vacationers feel insecure? Here’s an appraisal.Terror attacks in Paris, Brussels on the highest level of security alert: the tourist industry is feeling the effects. Terrorists have struck in popular tourist destinations this year.

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France extends ban on travelling fans

French authorities have extended a measure banning away fans from attending top football matches in France until mid-December with the country in a state of emergency following the Paris attacks and in view of the forthcoming Climate Summit in the capital

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Blaming Arabs

Who created terrorism? Who used jihadists and fed them with hatred towards humanity? Who lit the fire that will burn everything and everybody? Who is driving us into a third world war? Is this the new Middle East that American political books talked about? Did weapons’ prices fall that much to awaken the devils and …

Emad El-Sayed