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We have a treaty – but at what cost?

After two weeks, huge amounts of political rhetoric, and much activity behind closed doors, we have a treaty. While there will be celebrations among activists, the Paris Treaty will do very little to rein in temperature reductions. The Paris Treaty promises to keep temperature rises below 2°C. However, the actual promises made here will do …

Bjorn Lomborg

Paris climate summit in final push

Some 195 represented countries have made a final push to reach a deal this weekend aimed at averting catastrophic climate change. Divisions remain over how to keep global temperature increase below 2 degrees Celsius

Deutsche Welle

Overtime for Paris climate conference

After negotiations on a global climate agreement hit a wall early on Friday morning, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, presiding over the event, postponed the release of a new text to Saturday

Deutsche Welle

What does the Paris treaty look like from Ghana?

The suburb of Alajo is about as far from the posh hotels of Paris as you could get. But the bureaucrats and politicians here in France are negotiating a climate treaty to “help the world’s poorest”, including billions of dollars of guarantees of “climate aid” to developing nations. I have argued in this blog that …

Bjorn Lomborg

What’s the price tag of Paris? Don’t ask the politicians

When you go shopping – whether at the corner store, or at the ritzy Galeries Lafayette or Printemps here in Paris – you expect to know what you are spending on and what you are getting. Strangely, when it comes to global climate treaties, our politicians like to commit to hugely expensive policies without even …

Bjorn Lomborg

What will all the hot air in Paris actually do?

Negotiators and activists are getting increasingly serious about the prospects of finalising a carbon-cutting deal here in Paris. No doubt if they are successful, we will see much back-slapping and exhortations of “success” in seven days. But the bonhomie will hide a rather inconvenient truth: even if it’s successful, any deal negotiated in Paris is …

Bjorn Lomborg

Paris needs to take the “climate” out of “climate aid”

One of the things we are hearing more and more about here in Paris is so-called “climate aid”. There has been a huge push from climate NGOs to convince rich countries to spend a fortune to help poor countries adjust to global warming. This term is a catch-all for money being given from rich countries …

Bjorn Lomborg

What would it take for Paris to succeed?

There’s a lot of focus now on the politics of Paris. Will poor countries get the “climate aid” they want? Will China agree to reduce its growth, leaving millions more in poverty, by committing to far-reaching carbon cuts? What will be the wording of the treaty that emerges? It is easy to become cynical. Let …

Bjorn Lomborg

Breeding intolerance: Turkish football fans disrespect ‘Islamic State’ victims

Twice in two months, Turkish fans disrupted the moments of silence for victims of “Islamic State” (IS) attacks in Ankara and Paris in a demonstration. It showed a kind of intolerance bred by religiously-cloaked authoritarianism in countries like Turkey and Saudi Arabia. The fans demonstrative support with IS was clear when they shouted “Allahu Akbar” …

James Dorsey

Déjà vu in Paris: 21st time lucky? Of course not

If you do not learn from history, you are bound to repeat it. Here in Saint-Denis, northern Paris, a history lesson is sorely needed. Thousands are gathering here for the 21st international global warming meeting. Hotels are already near-full, broadcasters are setting up, protestors are preparing to roar. All because this summit is “the last …

Bjorn Lomborg