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Obama’s popularity abroad on the wane, survey finds: Poll

By AFP WASHINGTON: US leadership has lost some of its luster abroad, suggesting President Barack Obama can’t count on as much global euphoria as he gears up for a fierce reelection campaign, a new survey found Thursday. The report card was particularly dire from Serbia and Iran where approval ratings for the White House were …


Tweeting democracy across the Arab world

By Guy Golan Over the past few years, the political landscape of the Middle East has wholly transformed by the diffusion of social media across the region. Accounting for 50-65 percent of the region’s population, young Muslims quickly embraced these new platforms of mass communication and soon thereafter, they became leaders of revolutions. Social media …


Arab Spring Islamists launch US charm offensive

By Edouard Guihaire / AFP WASHINGTON: With a White House meeting, talks at a think-tank, and interviews with newspapers, Islamists unshackled by the Arab Spring are launching a new charm offensive to reassure a nervous Washington. The rise to power of elected Islamists in Tunisia, Egypt and elsewhere has alarmed many Americans, who fear the …


US poised to OK Egypt aid despite concerns

By Matthew Lee / AP WASHINGTON: The Obama administration is preparing to approve the release of at least a portion of $1.5 billion in aid to Egypt despite concerns that Cairo is not complying with conditions to receive the assistance, US officials said Friday. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton must soon determine whether Egypt is …


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