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Op-ed review: US-Egyptian relations

Columnist Ziad Bahaa El-Din explores the reasons behind the current tension between Egypt and the United States, the uproar of US public opinion and Egypt’s path to democracy. Ziad Bahaa El-Din The United States and the democratic path in Egypt Al-Shorouk Newspaper Columnist Ziad Bahaa El-Din begins his article with the trial of foreign NGO …

Thoraia Abou Bakr

Dr. H.A. Hellyer

A Farce

A farce. That is all I can say about the NGO trial verdict that was delivered on 4 June in post-Mubarak, present-Morsi, still-not-revolutionary Egypt. Here is the verdict, plain and simple. Guilty. Didn’t hear that right? Guilty. Every single defendant on trial in the NGO court case that has been dragging on for more than …

Dr H.A. Hellyer

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