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New ministers take oath after changes in nominated names

By Samer Al-Atrush /AFP CAIRO: New ministers in a sweeping reshuffle of Egypt’s cabinet took their oaths before the military ruler on Thursday, as the prime minister sought to appease protesters over the pace of reform. “The new ministers in the government of (Prime Minister) Essam Sharaf took their oaths… in front of the commander of …


Cabinet to be sworn in after delays

By Samer Al-Atrush /AFP CAIRO: The new cabinet, aimed at mollifying protesters demanding quick reforms, was expected to be sworn on Thursday, three days behind schedule, after intense wrangling left the premier in hospital. “Prime Minister Essam Sharaf has completed discussions to form the new cabinet and it will be sworn in today (Thursday) in front …


Ministers sworn in amid support from opposition

By Heba Fahmy CAIRO: Ministers in the new Cabinet headed by Prime Minister Essam Sharaf were sworn in by the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces on Monday. Some ministers of the previous government headed by former prime minister Ahmed Shafiq remained, and eight new ones were named: Nabil El-Araby as Foreign Minister, Mansour El-Essawy …


Ministers nominated for Cabinet headed by Egypt’s new PM

By Heba Fahmy CAIRO: A list of nominees for the new Cabinet headed by Prime Minister Essam Sharaf was announced on its Facebook and Twitter pages Sunday morning. Cabinet spokesperson Magdi Radi told Daily News Egypt however that the ministers’ posts are not official until they take the oath on Monday. Secretary General of Al-Wafd …


Cut and Paste: Considerations for a new Egyptian government

By Tamer Bahgat and Khalid El-Sherif “We are no longer slaves, and from this day forward, we shall not be inheritable!” Ahmed Orabi, Sept. 9, 1881 The fall of the autocratic government in Egypt is the consummation of a struggle that began almost 130 years ago. Ahmed Orabi’s declaration in 1881 of the right of …


Thousands in Tahrir welcome new PM Essam Sharaf

By Heba Fahmy CAIRO: Thousands of protestors flocked to Tahrir square on Friday to celebrate the resignation of former Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq and listen to the speech of the new PM Essam Sharaf. Following Friday prayers Sharaf told jubilant protesters in Tahrir Square that he drew his legitimacy from the people. “I was appointed …


Ten ministers, deputy PM sworn in

By Agencies CAIRO: Ten new ministers and the first deputy prime minister in years were sworn in on Tuesday in the first cabinet reshuffle since a military council took power, state television announced. The new ministers were sworn in before Field Marshall Hussein Tantawi, the head of a military council which has ruled Egypt since …


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