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National Consensus Conference ends abruptly

CAIRO: Marred by a war of words between participants, the doomed National Consensus Conference came to an abrupt end during its second installment Thursday. Conference chairman Yehia El-Gamal was first forced to close the first session when a fight broke out between Ahmed Al-Fadaly, head of Al-Salam Party, and Tawheed Al-Banhawy, a leading member of …


Youth disputes, participation of NDP figures mar National Dialogue Conference

CAIRO: The National Dialogue Conference concluded its sessions on Tuesday amid criticism over the participation of figures and former members of the disbanded National Democratic Party and "marginalizing" youth. Youth groups including the Revolution Youth Coalition and the April 6 Youth Movement boycotted the conference and called for an alternative conference exclusive to youth to …


Participants at National Dialogue Conference call for constitution before elections

CAIRO: Disagreements over the participation of people affiliated with the former regime marred the second session of the National Dialogue Conference on Sunday. Some participants objected to the presence of supporters of the former regime and members of the disbanded National Democratic Party, leading to loud arguments. Former Prime Minister Abdel Aziz Hegazy, head of …


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