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SCAF pardons 334 sentenced in military trials

CAIRO: Egypt’s ruling generals have announced the pardon of 334 civilians who were sentenced in military tribunals since the uprising that toppled President Hosni Mubarak in February. In a statement posted on its Facebook page Wednesday, the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces said the move was to support "the continued communication with the great …


Military court sentences Tahrir protester to five years in prison

CAIRO: A military court sentenced Tahrir protester Mohamed Gad El-Rab, known as "Sambo," to five years in prison Thursday on charges of using violence against a police officer and stealing his gun. Sambo, 26, was arrested from his home in Sharabeya three days after violent clashes in Tahrir Square between protesters and police forces, which …


Military trials to end after lifting emergency law, says general

CAIRO: The military trials of Egyptian civilians will end only after the emergency law is lifted, Nile News quoted Head of Military Judiciary General Adel El-Morsy as saying. El-Morsy was speaking to journalists on Monday. Meanwhile, families of detainees promised civilian trials told Daily News Egypt that while they were transferred to civilian prisons, they …


Military prosecution releases activist on LE 20,000 bail

CAIRO: The Military Prosecution released Sunday activist Asmaa Mahfouz on LE 20,000 bail pending further investigations into charges of inciting violence and defaming the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF). Mahfouz, a former member of the April 6 Youth Movement, was also accused of spreading false news and rumors about SCAF and disturbing …


Ordinary citizen, not protester subjected to military trial, says wife

CAIRO: In a decision that flies in the face of promises by SCAF to limit military trials for civilians, Mohammed Ali, a student, was sentenced to two years in prison by a military court three months ago. Ali was arrested by military police in one of several crackdowns on Egypt’s iconic Tahrir Square, but whose …


Court convicts 14 for assaulting public officials

By Ali Abdelatti /Reuters CAIRO: A military court convicted 14 Egyptians of assaulting officials during a June ceremony to honor martyrs in this year’s uprising that ousted President Hosni Mubarak, the state MENA news agency said on Wednesday. The 14 were among a group that reportedly attacked the Balloon Theatre in Cairo after they were stopped …


Military prosecution holds 49 Tahrir protesters for 15 days

By Mai Shams El-Din CAIRO: Egypt’s military prosecution ordered the detainment of 49 Tahrir protesters for 15 days pending investigation. The protesters were arrested during violent clashes with riot police on Tuesday and Wednesday around Tahrir Square, which left more than 1,000 injured. “The protesters that we know by name are 20, but we were told …


AUC law professor to be tried before a military court

By Mai Shams El-Din CAIRO: Law professor at the American University in Cairo Amr El-Shalakany was arrested two days ago and will be tried in a military court in Suez, according to rights activist and a member of “No for Military Trials for Civilians” campaign, Mona Saif, El- Shalakany faces a possible sentence of 15 years …


Military prosecution releases 27 detained at Lazoghly

By Mai Shams El-Din CAIRO: The military prosecution released on Monday 27 protesters who were detained by the army on Sunday following clashes outside the state security building in Lazoghly near downtown Cairo. “The protesters were interrogated by military prosecution and then released afterwards,” said lawyer and human rights activist Ramy Raouf. Some of the …


HRW says many protesters still in military custody

By Mai Shams El-Din CAIRO: Human Rights Watch (HRW) along with Egyptian human rights organizations and two internet-based groups documented scores of people who went missing since Egypt’s military rulers took charge of security on Jan. 28, according to a report issued by HRW. Human rights activists confirmed that the military, who is ruling the country …


Activists, families call for release of political and ‘framed’ prisoners

By Heba Fahmy CAIRO: Despite official statements indicating the release of protesters who have been detained since Jan. 25, rights activists and opposition member say many more remain behind bars. Interior Minister Mahmoud Wagdi stated that all the protesters who had been detained since Jan. 25 have been released during a Cabinet meeting on Wednesday, according …


50 referred to military prosecution, says law center

By Tamim Elyan CAIRO: Fifty people, including a member of the Kefaya Movement for Change, were referred to the military prosecution and are being interrogated there, according to the Hisham Mubarak Law Center. “We still can’t confirm the charges but most likely they were arrested for breaking the curfew in Tahrir square Sunday,” Ahmed Seif …


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