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Sit-in helps struggle for independent media, say Maspero employees

CAIRO: Employees inside Maspero say the sit-in that started in front of the state TV building on the Jan. 25 anniversary to escalate pressure on the ruling military council is serving them in their fight to cleanse the media. "This sit-in definitely pushes us forward," said Ziad Ali, anchor at state owned Radio Masr, whose …


Poultry traders join Maspero sit-in, martyrs’ families in Friday demos

By Heba Fahmy CAIRO: Hundreds of vendors, drivers and workers in the wholesale poultry industry briefly blocked the road leading to the State TV building Maspero as well as Sixth of October Bridge on Friday, calling on the government to allow them to sell live poultry. Protests scheduled this Friday were initially organized to show solidarity …


Copts continue open sit-in at Maspero

CAIRO: Hundreds of Coptic protesters said on Thursday that they would continue their open sit in in-front of the state TV building until the Virgin and Bishop Abram Church in Ain Shams district is re-opened and the Maghagha Diocese in Minya is rebuilt. Bishop Mitias Nasr told protesters that according to the priests at the …


Copts continue sit-in despite Pope’s call to disperse

CAIRO: Thousand of Copts carried on with an open sit-in at the state TV building Maspero on Sunday, despite Pope Shenouda’s call to end it “immediately.” Coptic protesters at Maspero brushed off reports that the head of Egypt’s Coptic church Pope Shenouda III called for an end to the sit-in, saying they will stay until …


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