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Ashour replaces Mansour Hassan as head of Advisory Council

By Heba Fahmy CAIRO: Sameh Ashour, head of the Lawyers’ Syndicate, replaced Mansour Hassan as head of the Advisory Council to Egypt’s military rulers on Tuesday night. Mansour, a culture and information minister under the late president Anwar Sadat, resigned from the council after he decided to run in the presidential election, slated for May …


Egypt advisory council head to run for president

By Saad Hussein and Yasmine Saleh / Reuters CAIRO: A veteran Egyptian politician who is close to the country’s military rulers and the powerful Muslim Brotherhood announced on Wednesday he would run in a presidential election on May 23. Mansour Hassan, the head of the advisory council to Egypt’s military rulers and a culture and information …


Political parties deny endorsing Mansour Hassan as president

CAIRO: The Muslim Brotherhood’s political arm the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) denied Wednesday reports that it is endorsing head of the advisory council and former minister of information Mansour Hassan as Egypt’s new president. Sobhi Saleh, leading FJP member, said these claims were "completely false" and "baseless." "Who we decide to support as Egypt’s …


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