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Pope’s secretary testifies in Kamilia Shehata’s case

CAIRO: The prosecution heard the testimony of Pope Shenouda’s secretary Bishop Armia in the case of Kamilia Shehata Thursday, with Papal sources confirming to Daily News Egypt that Armia was summoned before Shehata’s TV appearance where she denied converting to Islam. Sources said that prosecution interrogated Bishop Aghabious of Der Mois Monastery to which Shehata …


Kamilia Shehata confirms being Christian on Coptic TV

By Essam Fadl CAIRO: Kamelia Shehata appeared on TV Saturday evening to confirm that she has not converted to Islam as reported and has been living with her husband and son in Minya, Upper Egypt. Shehata, a priest’s wife, was said to have left her husband and converted to Islam. Muslim fundamental groups alleged that she …


Kamilia Shehata lives happily with husband, won’t appear on TV, says lawyer

CAIRO: Coptic lawyer Naguib Gobrael confirmed that Kamilia Shehata, a Coptic woman who some people allege have converted to Islam, is living happily with her husband, priest Tadarous Samaan, adding that she is not going to appear on TV to prove that she is still Christian. Gobrael confirmed in a “warning” statement issued Sunday that …


Church lawyer says controversial priest’s wife to appear on TV soon

By Marwa Al-A’asar CAIRO: A priest’s wife who is allegedly being held against her will by the Coptic Church for converting to Islam, will soon appear on TV to refute these allegations, Church lawyer Ramsis El-Naggar told Daily News Egypt on Sunday. “Kamilia Shehata will appear on a Coptic TV channel within a few days …


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