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Crisis mis-management

By John Drake LONDON: It has been some time since so many crises affected the Middle East and North Africa and many companies have been caught out — and there is more to come. Those who were comfortable working in relatively crime-free Libya found themselves in a war zone overnight. Tourists in Tunisia, Egypt and Bahrain …


How not to alienate and demonize victims

By John Drake LONDON: The terrorists responsible for the New Year attack on an Alexandria church may be intent on stirring up more than just sectarian tensions in one country. They may be trying to crystallize anti-Christian and even anti-western sentiment in the wider Islamic world. Coptic churches throughout the Middle East, Europe and North America …


Opportunity amid danger

By John Drake LONDON: Two attempted suicide bombings have hit Iraqi Kurdistan in just over a month but, amid a spate of violence across Iraq, including an attack on a church with repercussions in Egypt, both of these attacks were barely noticed: visitors and businesses still need safety measures in Kurdistan but the generally peaceful reality …


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