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Could bombing Iran push it to build the Bomb?

By Fredrik Dahl / Reuters VIENNA: Pre-emptive military strikes aimed at forcing Iran to abandon its nuclear activities may end up having the opposite effect: convincing the Islamic Republic’s leaders they need an atomic arsenal to secure their hold on power. That is the argument from those in the West and elsewhere who say the negative …


Israelis prefer preemptive strike to nuclear Iran, says poll

By AFP JERUSALEM: Nearly two-thirds of Israeli Jews believe that the consequences for the Jewish state of a nuclear-armed Iran would be worse than those of an Israeli attack on the Islamic Republic, a poll showed on Monday. The poll, published in Haaretz newspaper, found that 65 percent of Jewish Israelis agreed with the statement …


Pivoting from the military ‘option’ back to diplomacy

By Barbara Slavin WASHINGTON: After months of sabre-rattling rhetoric by Iran, Israel and the United States, there seems to be a collective, and welcome, time out. Since President Barack Obama’s March 4 speech to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), all sides have been stressing non-military means to try to resolve the crisis over Iran’s …


Iran will not give up nuclear advances, says key MP

By Marc Burleigh / AFP TEHRAN: Iran will make absolutely no concessions on its nuclear program, a key lawmaker declared on Sunday amid high geopolitical tensions and ahead of mooted talks with world powers. “The parliament will never allow the government to go back even one step in its nuclear policy,” Aladin Borujerdi, the head of …


Iran dismisses claims of military site clean-up

By Farhad Pouladi / AFP TEHRAN: Iran on Tuesday dismissed claims it was clearing away traces of suspected nuclear weapons research activities from a closed military site, saying the allegations were “propaganda”. The sprawling Parchin military site, located 30 kilometers (20 miles) east of Tehran, “is conducting normal military activities,” foreign ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast told …


World powers want ‘serious dialogue’ with Iran

By Simon Sturdee / AFP VIENNA: World powers said Thursday that mooted talks with Iran must be “serious” and urged Tehran to allow UN inspectors access to a military base thought to be central to its suspected nuclear weapons drive. “We call on Iran to enter, without preconditions, into a sustained process of serious dialogue, which …


Iran’s talking point: ‘Dignity’ in nuclear work

By Brian Murphy / AP DUBAI: Days before Iran’s just-completed parliamentary elections, the country’s supreme leader gave what amounted to a pep rally on the Islamic Republic’s nuclear views. Atomic technology is a pillar of “national dignity,” boasted Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, and Iran must stand firm against the “bullying” pressures from the West. It showed how …


Iran pushes on with nuclear work after failed IAEA visit

By Mohammad Davari / AFP TEHRAN: Iran’s nuclear work will defiantly go on, supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said on Wednesday, after UN inspectors left Tehran following talks that failed to lift their suspicions of atomic weapons research. “The Iranian nation has never been seeking an atomic weapon and never will be. It will prove to …


Answering Iran

By Richard N. Haass NEW YORK: We know quite a bit about Iran’s nuclear program, and what we know is not encouraging. Iran is reported to be enriching uranium at two sites — some of it to levels of 20%, far beyond what is required for civilian purposes. The International Atomic Energy Agency also reports that …


Accepting the inevitable: A nuclear Iran

By Mamdouh G. Salameh The only sanctions able to hurt Iran are those that ban its crude oil exports, but getting the international community to agree on such sanctions is virtually impossible. The international political and economic repercussions of these sanctions would be so huge that they are not worth pondering. Even if, by the very …


Stuxnet could add to Iran’s enrichment problems, say experts

VIENNA: A mysterious halt in Iran’s uranium enrichment activities earlier this month, as revealed in a new report by the UN atomic watchdog, may have been due to a cyber attack, experts suggested Wednesday. But the enrichment program is vulnerable to wider technical problems — particularly since it uses outdated technology — as well as …


Iran denies problem with uranium enrichment

TEHRAN: Iran denied on Tuesday claims that its sensitive uranium enrichment work has been hit by technical problems and said its nuclear program has not been harmed by the Stuxnet computer worm. Atomic chief Ali Akbar Salehi also rejected allegations by Western powers that Iran lacks the know-how to make nuclear fuel plates and was …


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