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Egyptian-Indonesian deal for new automobile frame factory

By Asmaa Nabil A coalition of the Indonesian company Multistrada and the Transport and Engineering Company, a subsidiary of the Chemical Industries Holding Company (CIHC), are studying a plan to build an automobile frame factory financed by Misr Financial Investments. The factory will produce three million automobile frames per year. Amr Nashaat, the official spokesman …

Daily News Egypt

Indonesian youth in the post-1998 era of democratization

By Michelle Miller May 1998 was a terrible and magical moment in the history of Indonesia’s youth movement. It was a time of deep social trauma and the start of the transformation of young Indonesians into agents of democratic change after more than three decades of living under repressive authoritarian rule. The political moment began on …


Indonesia TV drama challenges extremism in prisons, and living rooms

JAKARTA: Many people would argue that football is as much a spiritual experience as it is a physical activity. As the World Cup and other regional league and club games have shown, it has the ability to move people — both in positive and negative ways. It can be seen as positive in that it …


An Indonesian’s hopes for the US role in the Asia Pacific

By Singgih Nugroho SALATIGA, Indonesia: US President Barack Obama’s November visit to Bali in November 2011 to attend the 19th Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and East Asia Summits was his second official visit to Indonesia in his role as president. In November 2010 he gave a speech at the University of Indonesia in which …


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