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IMF to schedule mission to Egypt later in March

By Reuters WASHINGTON: The International Monetary Fund has received a document outlining Egypt’s proposed economic program, to be supported by IMF financing, and will schedule a mission to Cairo later in March, a Fund spokesman said on Thursday. “We have now received a document that describes in broad terms their economic program,” IMF spokesman Gerry …


Egypt interim government faces tough task selling IMF reforms

By Patrick Werr / Reuters CAIRO: Egypt’s interim government will have to muster all its skills of persuasion to sell austerity measures to a country weary after a year of political and economic strife, if details emerging on Cairo’s planned deal with the IMF are anything to go by. Egypt wants the $3.2 billion IMF accord …


IMF sounds warning for global economy on rising oil

By Reuters MEXICO CITY: The International Monetary Fund flagged higher oil prices as a rising threat to the global economy on Friday, urging policymakers to keep a close eye on western tensions with Iran, which is facing punitive measures against its crude supplies. Looming US sanctions on Iran’s oil buyers, as well as an impending …


Egypt’s economy in dire straits, says IMF spokesman

By AFP WASHINGTON: The International Monetary Fund on Thursday described Egypt’s economic situation as dire, sounding the alarm on stagnant growth and a precipitous drop in the country’s foreign reserves. “Egypt’s economic situation remains challenging. Growth has stalled, and this is hurting the Egyptian economy and the Egyptian people,” said spokesman Gerry Rice. Rice also …


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