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Egypt and the IMF: Between rhetoric & reality

By: Mohamed A. Fouad In a recently televised interview given to Al-Jazeera Channel, Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi has asserted that the delay in the International Monetary Fund (IMF) negotiations is largely due to “Egypt’s refusal to succumb to the IMF’s terms”. This marks the continuation of rhetoric which attempts to politicise a simple loan. This rhetoric …

Daily News Egypt

Revolving Doors: Egypt deputy finance minister quits

By Farah Halime, Rebel Economy Egypt’s deputy finance minister, Hany Kadry Dimian, has left his post after six years in the ministry, a source at the finance ministry told Rebel Economy, delivering a blow to the country’s chances of concluding a loan agreement with the International Monetary Fund. Mr Dimian, who has served as the deputy …

Daily News Egypt

Short takes

  1 Egyptian revolutionaries suffer from the silly habit of always getting sucked into fighting in side-battles, and the latest batch of laws coming out of the Shura Council are a prime example. Whether the new NGO law, the new protest law, or the new judiciary law, the different groups are each fighting to apply …

Mahmoud Salem

Bad for business

A few days ago I told a Tunisian friend who just arrived some stories about the Egyptian political scene. She listened to me intently while suppressing her laughter, and after I was finished her only comment was: “Cheap Drama..You guys are living in a cheap drama.” I have found her comment not only a fantastic …

Mahmoud Salem

Breaking up

By: Philip Whitfield Cut and run, or duke it out – Morsi’s dilemma during the interregnum. Feuding inside the Muslim Brotherhood rages. Khairat El-Shater berates Morsi for pussyfooting around the Brothers’ project to control every facet of Egyptian life. El-Shater reportedly craves the top job, goading Morsi to call a snap election. According to Mark …

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