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Why one foreign investor left Egypt

By Farah Halime One of the key markers of a thriving economy is whether investors are committed. For Egypt, attracting investors has remained a point of contention in the last three years – are they or are they not putting money in Egypt? Marshall Stocker, an American venture capitalist, was among a band of businessmen drawn …

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Egypt’s debt in Focus

Egypt has diversified debt instruments, but still has the same creditors
Interest rate sharply reduced but the government’s options remain limited
The government is ignoring Sukuk and depending on Arabs to meet urgent needs

Daily News Egypt

Why Egypt’s army is bad at doing business

By Farah Halime General Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi must be revelling in the image of an all-powerful oligarch created by the media. Apparently he reigns over a sprawling economic empire that journalists describe (in now rather clichéd terms) as so varied that it covers everything from the production of flat-screen televisions and pasta to refrigerators and …

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Outside looking in: An international perspective on Egypt’s economy

Reform is needed to boost investor confidence and bring back higher levels of FDI

Bessma Momani has a PHD in political science with a focus on international political economy. She is an associate professor at the Balsillie School of International Affairs at the University of Waterloo and authored the book IMF-Egyptian Debt Negotiations.

Momani highlighted three key areas investors view as intersecting with politics: confidence, perception and reform.

Mostafa Salem

Regional support braces Egypt while it works toward fiscal stability

Strong support from regional neighbours has helped buttress reserves, and GDP growth should tick significantly upwards next year, but fiscal health nonetheless represents a sticky challenge for whoever wins the forthcoming elections by next spring: traditional revenue sources such as tourism, taxation, exports and investments have declined, while government expenditures in the form of public sector wages and subsidies for both energy and food continued to expand.

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Why Egypt’s bourse seems optimistic

Egypt Business Directory explores factors behind the EGX30 index surge on Thursday to its highest level in eight months. Where did the optimism come from to push the mark to 5765.8 points in that session.

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Egypt left vulnerable after Qatari snub

By Farah Halime It was bound to happen sooner or later. Egypt has returned to Qatar the $2bn the Gulf state deposited in Egypt’s central bank after negotiations to convert the money into three-year bonds failed. Though this represents only a quarter of the total funds Qatar has lent or given to Egypt, the decision …

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Making the most of Gulf aid to Egypt

By Farah Halime, Rebel Economy We may not like it, but Egypt desperately needs Gulf money. So why not change the way the Gulf lends money to Egypt to make it count. It won’t be just about wasting away cash to address a symptom without resolving the underlying problem. Indeed, without Gulf aid, the government would have …

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