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Athletes and artists show Gaza still occupied

Recent cases involving athletes and musicians show how much Gaza is still under Israeli occupation By Hussein Ibish, Now I recently participated in a debate in New York City where two noted American pro-Israel advocates, Rabbi Shmuely Boteach and Wall Street Journal columnist Bret Stephens, both kept insisting that there is no Israeli occupation in Gaza. Tell …

Daily News Egypt

How not to write about Egypt

By Hussein Ibish, Now News The upheaval in Egypt inevitably produced a torrent of American commentary, a great deal of which was cliched, glib or simply banal. But four articles stand out as particularly instructive examples of how not to write or think about change in Egypt and the broader Arab world. The most insidious …

Daily News Egypt

Brotherhood’s attack on women bodes ill

By Hussein Ibish No more illusions. No further evasions. Tolerate not a single additional apologetic explanation. Admit no further concessions to a false moral and cultural relativism. The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood has now fully exposed itself as what many of us have been trying to explain it is: paranoid, chauvinistic, reactionary, retrograde, and, above all, …

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