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Victimhood narratives of Afghanistan and Pakistan

By Huma Yusuf WASHINGTON, DC: There’s a reason they say that people who live in glass houses should not throw stones. Eventually, someone throws a few rocks your way. And you suddenly find yourself surrounded by shards of broken glass, wondering what hit you. The question then becomes whether you have it in you to pick …


What’s in store for US-Pakistan relations post-bin Laden?

By Huma Yusuf WASHINGTON, DC: Scenes of rejoicing in Washington and New York accompanied the news that Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden had been killed by US special forces on Sunday. But in Pakistan, many remained glued to their television sets, wondering what this event means for their nation’s security and sovereignty. The killing of bin …


Does Pakistan need an Assange of its own?

By Huma Yusuf KARACHI/WASHINGTON, DC: A week after the recent WikiLeaks disclosures, two local non-profit organizations held a seminar in Karachi called, “Freedom of Information: Access to Information, Using Freedom of Information for Advocacy”. Participants in the discussion called for better enforcement of Pakistan’s freedom of information laws to enhance transparency and government accountability. While the …


Stabilize Karachi to stabilize Pakistan

By Huma Yusuf WASHINGTON, DC: While Pakistan grapples with the worst recorded flooding of the Indus River Delta, the country’s financial capital, Karachi, is on the brink of what is being described as a civil war. A sprawling metropolis of 18 million people, Karachi has long been plagued by political violence. But the sharp escalation this …


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