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Germany must defend the Euro

By George Soros NEW YORK: Financial markets abhor uncertainty; that is why they are now in crisis mode. The governments of the eurozone have taken some significant steps in the right direction to resolve the euro crisis but, obviously, they did not go far enough to reassure the markets. At their meeting on July 21, the …


A French cure for the resource curse

By George Soros NEW YORK: The campaign to ensure that companies engaged in extractive activities disclose all of their payments in their host countries is gaining momentum — and France is leading the effort. President Nicolas Sarkozy should be applauded for supporting a new initiative promoting strict transparency standards for petroleum, gas, and mining companies listed …


The US-China dialogue of the deaf

By George Soros NEW YORK: In 2010, economic conflict between the United States and China became one of the most worrying global developments. The US pressed China to revalue the renminbi, while China blamed the US Federal Reserve policy of “quantitative easing” for currency-market turmoil. The two sides are talking past each other, though both are …


Seeing REDD on climate change

By George Soros CANCÚN: The official communiqué from the Cancún climate-change conference cannot disguise the fact that there will be no successor to the Kyoto Protocol when it expires at the end of 2012. Japan, among others, has withdrawn its support for efforts simply to extend the Kyoto treaty. This sounds like bad news, because it …


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