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Beyond Fukushima

By Yukiya Amano VIENNA: Nuclear power has become safer since the devastating accident one year ago at Fukushima, Japan. It will become safer still in the coming years, provided that governments, plant operators, and regulators do not drop their guard. The accident at Fukushima resulted from an earthquake and tsunami of unprecedented severity. But, as the …


Japan’s revenge of the mandarins

By Masahiro Matsumura OSAKA: Ever since the huge earthquake that hit Japan’s Pacific coast at Tohoku on March 11, 2011, the country’s mass media has obsessively focused on the magnitude of the physical damage and the loss of life. Repeated broadcasts of traumatic video images of the great tsunami and the damaged nuclear reactors at the …


Japan’s rubble economy

By Yuriko Koike TOKYO: On March 11, a year will have passed since Japan was struck by the triple tragedy of an earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear accident. According to figures announced by the country’s National Police Agency, the Great East Japan Earthquake left behind 15,848 dead and 3,305 missing — the largest loss of life due …


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