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An African Horn of plenty

By José Graziano da Silva ROME: After six months and the deaths of tens of thousands of people, the famine in Somalia — caused by the worst drought in 60 years — is over. But a wider crisis in Africa continues. In the Horn of Africa — Somalia, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, South Sudan, and Sudan – …


Egyptians contribute to Somalia’s famine relief

CAIRO: While struggling with their own economic hardships, Egyptians were quick to mobilize efforts to help drought-stricken Somalia through collecting donations and organizing aid convoys. The Arab Doctors Union’s emergency and relief committee in Egypt has set up hotlines and bank accounts through which donations can be transferred. The majority of individual fundraising efforts are …


Rape another risk for Somali drought refugees

By Jenny Vaughan / AFP DOLO ADO: Sixteen-year-old Rukiyah Abdukadir was collecting firewood outside a refugee camp in Ethiopia when she was raped, her attack underlining the risks facing the thousands of people fleeing drought. The young Somali, whose family was forced to leave their home when their crop failed, says a man asked to use …


China paying ‘close attention’ to Africa famine

BEIJING: China said Friday it was paying "close attention" to a disastrous famine in the Horn of Africa, after top US House Democrat Nancy Pelosi urged it to do more. The Chinese foreign ministry said it had supplied 90 million yuan ($14 million) worth of food aid in response to the crisis, described by the …


Somali rebels stopping men fleeing drought

DADAAB: Somali rebels are blocking men fleeing harsh drought and forcibly recruiting them, while women and children who escape alone risk attack and rape in crowded camps, witnesses and officials said. "They captured me and beat me," said Nor Ibrahim, who was attacked three times before he finally escaped into neighboring Kenya. "They told me …


Parts of south Somalia suffering from famine, says UN

NAIROBI: Parts of southern Somalia are suffering from famine, a UN official said Wednesday, and tens of thousands of Somalis have already died in the worst hunger emergency in a generation. The Horn of Africa is suffering a devastating drought compounded by war, neglect and spiraling prices. Some areas in the region have not had …


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