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Nermine Hammam’s voluble cry of freedom

By Mariam Hamdy I didn’t used to be a fan of Nermine Hammam’s earlier work, but recently I’ve fallen in love with it. It’s time to pay it its dues. To those who have not yet been to her exhibit at Safar Khan Gallery in Zamalek, rush to it now. Hammam has always been a controversial …


The time and place of Gazbia Sirry

By Mariam Hamdy Currently showing at the Zamalek Art Gallery is an exhibition that humbles even the most hard-working artist today, and dwarfs the efforts exerted in the local art scene. The pioneer of the Egyptian contemporary art movement, Gazbia Sirry is holding her 71st solo exhibition “Time and Place” at the gallery that has hosted …


COMMENTARY: An unknown future for Egyptian art

By Mariam Hamdy There is concern about the future of art in Egypt after last year’s uprising. Questions on the impact, longevity and artistic merit of the works tackling the Egyptian revolution are heard at every gallery opening, with answers ranging from the wildly optimistic to the dismally cynical. This year, with over 70 percent of …


Egyptian art at a crossroads

By Heba Elkayal CAIRO: In the wake of the January 25 Revolution, the question of the future of fine arts in Egypt is the concern of an anxious minority involved in the art world, either as artists, buyers or gallerists. Art in Egypt was heavily monitored, dictated and produced by the bureaucracy of the Ministry of …


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