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Governmental efforts to aid struggling factories

By Mohamed Ayyad The government intensified efforts to address the crisis that halted the operation of 650 factories which resulted from outstanding debts owed to banks with a value of EGP 817 million. Mohamed Eissa, Minister of Industry and Trade, stated that the cabinet agreed to help the stopped factories that have experienced technical, administrative, …

Daily News Egypt

€50m French loan to expand electricity grid

  By Islam Zayed The French Ambassador to Egypt, Nicolas Galey, and Pierre Marcelli, director of the French Development Agency (FDA)’s office in Cairo, signed an agreement to provide a €50m soft loan to the Egyptian government. The loan will be provided in cooperation with the World Bank, the European Investment Bank, and the German …

Daily News Egypt

New movie listings

Critics have been divided between positively reviewing the talents of the troupe of actors and snidely pointing out that it is a two hour sales pitch disguised as a romantic comedy.

Adel Heine

This is Egypt: Mohamed Gabr

Photography in Egypt is often seen as a means to a commercial end, disregarding the fact the people behind the camera are often artists. This is Egypt, as seen by talented photographers.

Adel Heine

Exclusive concert of NubaNour

Their repertoire has expanded from simple songs of love and nature to accommodate the terrible sorrow experienced by most Nubians, songs of nostalgia and songs that evoke memories of their past lives.

Ahmed Khalifa

Geography ranks high

I do not understand how those who learned about persecution first hand have no qualms ensuring it will be part of a new Egypt, how geography ranks higher than freedom.

Adel Heine