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Explore our magical skies, and try to avoid getting shot down by stray bullets that are being shot by neighbour to kill neighbour, all over this blessed land

Mahmoud Salem

Snake hunter Sheikh El-Tayeb Morsy Abdel-Rahman Sherief

The snake hunters of the Refai Sufi order

The ancient profession is founded on the need of people to render their environment safe.Snake hunting in the tradition of the Refai, a profession that grew into a form of Sufism, requires piety and a deep sense of religion.

Daily News Egypt

Seats laid out at Cimatheque ready for audiences to enjoy the film screenings Hana Al-Bayaty

Cairo underground cinema

Cimatheque is a multi-purpose space dedicated to celebrating film and independent filmmakers in Egypt. It is meant to be a dynamic work space for independent filmmakers to collaborate, research and network, aiding the development of their talents.

Luiz Sanchez

Children line up at a charity supported school in Cairo (File photo) AFP PHOTOS

Concert for charity

Tawasol for Developing Establ Antar is an nongovernmental organization (NGO) which works with children who have dropped out of school. The NGO says it provides around 140 primary school children with a chance to continue education and teaches them sports.

Hend Kortam

Transportation authorities meet new Minister to discuss solutions for sector’s ills

The Minister of Transportation, Dr Mohamed Rashad, held a meeting with directors and officials of transportation authorities, companies and the ministry, to study plans for the coming period. The directors shared their vision for the future, stressing the necessity of providing and developing infrastructure. They also discussed the importance of reshaping transportation so that it …

Daily News Egypt

Vodafone Egypt nets EGP 2.9b during Q2

Vodafone Egypt’s revenues amounted to EGP 2.9 billion by the end of the second quarter, compared to EGP 2.8 billion in the first quarter, with a growth rate of 2.5 percent. The domestic company acquired 2.7 percent of Global Vodafone’s revenues with a value of £10.7 billion. Vodafone Egypt’s Internet subscribers reached 5 million users …

Daily News Egypt

EU funds city sanitation and beautification project

By Mohamed El-Atroush The Chairman of the Federation of Egyptian Chambers of Commerce (FECC), Ahmed El-Wakeel, revealed that the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce obtained financing for the first stage of a project to remove trash and to beautify the city. The European Union (EU) is providing the financing for the project, which will cost EGP 40 …

Daily News Egypt

Experts advocate real estate companies to partner up

By Ahmed Samir Political disturbances in Egypt affected investment in a number of sectors, particularly the real estate sector, which has suffered from a lack of liquidity and capital flow. Developers have begun to search for greater liquidity, either through joint ventures and partnerships or merging with other companies in order to increase companies’ capital. …

Daily News Egypt

Egypt among the group of most optimistic countries about their future Global Consumer Confidence declines three points to 91 in Q2 2012

Consumer Confidence among Egyptians reached 103 points in Q2 2012, up 6 points from last quarter, which is the highest increase in MENAP.  Consumer Confidence is the highest since the survey was established in 2005 – placing Egypt among the group of countries most optimistic about their future. Global consumer confidence declined three index points …

Daily News Egypt

Employees at Ministry of State for Administrative Development protest their marginalisation in the new cabinet

By Mohamed Fawzy Employees in the Ministry of State for Administrative Development (MSAD) organised a demonstration at the Ministry’s headquarters the day before yesterday to protest against their Ministry being overlooked in the new cabinet. Officials within the MSAD indicated that a meeting had been set between Dr Ashraf Abdel Wahab, the acting head of …

Daily News Egypt

Illicit Gains Authority to tackle high-profile embezzlement

By Moustafa Salah and Wafaa Abdel Bari Judicial sources within the Illicit Gains Authority have said that a schedule is to be put together soon to end the problem of embezzlement of Egyptian funds. The authority plans on addressing the problem in co-operation with the United Kingdom, Switzerland, and European Union countries to which money …

Daily News Egypt

PM requests daily report on the status of the national electrical grid

Prime Minister Dr Hesham Qandil has requested a daily report on the status of the nation’s electrical grid, in addition to estimates of consumption and production data. In its report to the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Electricity and Energy (MOEE) said that of 218 power stations, 8 are currently suffer operational problems due to …

Daily News Egypt

Resala makes use of the old

Additionally, Resala is a good place for you to send your old books and clothes. Among its various activities the organisation is recycling paper, collecting clothes and distributing them to those who need them.

Hend Kortam

The rise of the thugs

Stepping back and taking a good look at the news, I realised that according to the media, violence has reached unprecedented levels in this country

Rana Allam

On Secularism and Islam in Egypt

Among many secular liberalists lies a contradiction when it comes to raising Islam in debates concerning political or civil affairs. For example there is the common complaint that preachers have become very harsh or that Islamists are supposedly negating the tolerant and merciful side of Islam, but simultaneously they claim that Islam should remain more …

Mustafa Salama