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Jagger and a galabeya

Suddenly all those people were my friends, Keith Richards’ face told stories of a life I could not yet imagine and Mick Jagger danced and sang only to me.

Adel Heine

Plan to increase support for Egyptian exports through IT solutions

 The Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) is working on its IT development exports programme and expanding its projects. ITIDA is pursuing a partnership with a foreign investment company to help it execute its strategy until the year 2020. ITIDA plans to increase support for Egyptian exports through the authority’s communication centre, in addition to …

Daily News Egypt

Ghabbour Auto sees moderate rise in profits in first half of 2012

Ghabbour (GB) Auto’s profits in the first half of 2012 grew by 31.6 percent compared to the same period in 2011, reaching EGP 76.5 million. Revenues rose 23.3 percent to EGP 3.8902 billion. The company’s revenues in the second quarter reached EGP 2.1778 billion, a growth of 17.2 percent from the same quarter in 2011. …

Daily News Egypt

Rafah attack forces posponement of food expo

By Enaam Eladawy A planned food industries expo has been postponed indefinitely in the wake of the recent attack near Rafah which saw the border crossing to Gaza closed for an indeterminate time. The Cairo Chamber of Commerce (CCC)’s Board of Directors decided to postpone the expo which was scheduled to take place in Gaza …

Daily News Egypt

Foreign currency reserves fall by $1.1 billion

By Asmaa Nabil Last July, foreign currency reserves declined by $1.1 billion, reaching $14.44 billion compared to $15.5 billion at the end of June. The Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) attributed the decline to Egypt’s obligation to repay bonds it held, in addition to the repaying of a credit portion to Paris Club countries. This …

Daily News Egypt

Ending the Legacy of Hatred

Egyptians reacted with shock and grief to the news of an armed attack on an Egyptian border post in North Sinai earlier this week. The fact that the attack occurred just as the victims—more than 16 Egyptian border guards—were breaking their Ramadan fast made the deadly incident all the more tragic. Speaking to reporters after …

Shahira Amin

Delegation from the Ministry of Industry to visit Libya next month

Hatem Saleh, Minister of Industry and Foreign Trade, said that he will visit Libya in the first half of September as a part of a delegation that will include a number of Egyptian factory and business owners, representatives of the ministry, and other interested ministries. The delegation will look into the needs of the Libyan …

Daily News Egypt

On National Mourning and National Division

By Alia Assam The already divided political sphere in Egypt is being further fragmented, just days after the tragic assault on an Egyptian border checkpoint in the Sinai Peninsula, which left 16 officers and conscripts dead, and many more wounded. With this unprecedented situation, Egypt is witnessing for almost the first time a lurking threat …

Daily News Egypt

MM Group: Range Rover Evoque will occupy a large share of SUV market

Sami Farid, Marketing Manager of the MM Group for Industry and International Trade, an official Land Lover vendor, said that 52 Range Rover Evoque models have been sold since the end of last year and that the vehicle’s popularity has been growing in the domestic market since its launch. Farid added that 52 may seem …

Daily News Egypt

FJP: PM should implement Sinai development plan

By Moustafa Salah The Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) has called on Prime Minister Hesham Qandil to begin implementing the plan to develop the Sinai before the end of the year. The party emphasised the need to develop the Sinai in the wake of the latest terrorist attack on soldiers guarding the border with Israel. …

Daily News Egypt

Another emergency plan to overcome power shortages

By Salah El-Manoufy The Ministry of Electricity is currently studying the possibility of implementing a third emergency plan in order to accommodate the high summer loads. Sources within the Ministry said that Mahmoud Balbaa, Minister of Electricity, tasked a number of his deputies to prepare a study about a third emergency plan. The Ministry will submit …

Daily News Egypt

Review: More analysis about Sinai in Egypt’s opinion pages

After Egypt was struck by grief, mourning the 16 killed Egyptian soldiers in Rafah, columnists in almost all Egyptian newspapers have offered more analysis of the probable perpetuators of the attack raising questions on parties that helped this incident to succeed. Who killed the Egyptian soldiers in Sinai? Tamer Wagih Al-Masry Al-Youm newspaper In his …

Daily News Egypt

Jazzercise your way to a healthy body

Jazzercise is open to anyone and there is no judgement. You are welcome to wear sweatpants or spandex, our studios have no mirrors so nobody gets self conscious and it does not matter what level of fitness you have – all classes are accessible for all levels.

Adel Heine

Bites Fil Beit Ramadan: Stuffed pigeons with green wheat

Ramadan offers a whole new challenge to cooking Egyptian food. The breaking of the fast, Iftar, is the main menu of the day and consists of an array of dishes. Traditionally the meal starts with juice, to prepare the stomach for the feast that is to come, and a savoury soup. Appetisers are up next, followed by a main course and a sweet dessert completes the meal.
Iftars are meant to be shared and inviting your close friends and family for a home-cooked dinner-cum-breakfast can be daunting. But not to worry; during the month we will be giving you suggestions for full menus with a complete recipe for one of the dishes.
Happy Ramadan!

Iman Adel Abdel-Fattah

Review: Rafah’s martyrs overwhelm Egyptian columnists

The recent attacks on the North Sinai border and the death of the 16 army soldiers have hit almost all Egyptian newspapers. Columnists have not only condemned the terrorist assault, but have also suggested plans to redevelop the peninsula and heighten the Egyptian security presence to avoid future attacks.   Amr Al-Shobaki Rafah’s martyrs Al-Masry …

Daily News Egypt

Sinai event impedes tourism revival efforts

By Abdel Razaq El-Sheweikhy Tourism investors expressed fear that the terrorist attack in the Sinai will negatively impact tourism in Egypt, particularly in southern Sinai. They predicted that hotel reservations would decline in that area the coming week by 40 percent. Samy Soliman, head of the Taba and Nuweiba Investors Association, said that the effects …

Daily News Egypt

Pharmacists reject price cuts

By Basma Tharwat and Nourhan Yasser The Pharmacy Owners’ Division (POD) of the Cairo Chamber of Commerce (CCC) has rejected a price modification resolution from the Ministry of Health. A statement by the Egyptian Pharmacists Syndicate (EPS) required pharmacy owners to implement resolution 499 of the Ministry of Health regarding medication pricing. Adel Abdel Maksoud, …

Daily News Egypt

State of the energy sector address by Petroleum Minister

By Ahmed Tolba In his first statement as Petroleum Minister, Osama Kamal has hinted that energy subsidies could be cut as part of measures to address shortages in Egypt. A number of proposals to rationalise energy consumption would be discussed in the coming period, Kamal said, noting that a large portion of the subsidies benefit …

Daily News Egypt